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Why Do I Need Insurance?

Insurance is a way to protect your most valuable assets. Your home and auto are probably the biggest investments we will ever have. If there were a flood and you didn't have flood insurance, you would be looking at a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket repairs that could mean you would wipe out your entire life savings. But if you spent just a few minutes contacting Kent Beckner Agency, you could protect yourself and you savings.

Home Insurance Is Necessary

Home insurance is always required if you have a mortgage or a bank loan, you won't have a choice. But you do have some control. The banks and the mortgage companies will want you to maintain a certain minimum home insurance in order to protect the money they have invested in your home. What you will want to do is to exercise some of the control that you have to protect yourself. How much control do you have? A lot actually. You can stipulate how much above the minimum coverage the banks require, you can cover your jewelry, your personal items, furniture, and other valuables. You can decide how much out of pocket expenses you will have to come up with in case there is damage. You can also control the cost. This is where we come in. We have many companies to choose from and can custom tailor a policy just for you to make sure you get the coverage you need and save you money at the same time on your home insurance.

All Auto Insurance Is Not The Same

Auto insurance is a State requirement. You can not drive if you aren't covered. But again, beyond the minimum required by law, you can be in the driver's seat. Every year thousands of people are in car accidents and end up in civil court because their coverage was lacking. You can fix that by letting us help set up the correct coverage for you. If you have teenage drivers in the house, even where you live can affect the cost. All coverage on your vehicles can be customized to fit your particular needs. We can help with that by giving you the personal protection you deserve on your auto insurance coverage.

Flood Insurance Isn't An Option Really

Before the historically damaging storms that hit the Houston area, flood insurance was mostly an after thought if you didn't live in a flood prone area. What we did learn is that these days no one should be unprotected from flood waters. Did you know that most all policies exclude water inundation? That's right, unless you have physically gone out and bought a separate policy, you aren't covered, which can make all the other coverage you have mean nothing. You can not count on it to be included by your bank or mortgage company either. You have to be proactive and look after yourself because no one else will. Except for us. We are standing by to help you wade through the murky waters of flood insurance.

Does Umbrella Insurance Have To Do With Rain?

No, Umbrella Insurance is an industry term that most people aren't familiar with. What it is is a type of coverage that protects all of your possessions beyond normally required coverage. It might as well be called blanket coverage because it covers all of your property and and liability from accidents on your property. You won't have to worry about being sued with a good umbrella insurance policy enforce.

More Coverage

We offer coverage for rental property and well as for your motorcycle, motor home or RV, boat, jet ski and trailers. If you need a policy on just about anything we can do it. Call us today for insurance at either 281-371-2884 or 832-655-6000 today.

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